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Welcome to the Hangar Haciendas Website.


Hangar Haciendas is a residential private airpark subdivision of Maricopa County, Arizona located at the eastern side of the community of Laveen.  It is bordered on the east by 27th Avenue, on the south by Ceton Drive and on the north by Avion Way.  The subdivision extends approximately one-half mile west of 27th Avenue and contains 39 lots, half of which have established custom built homes and aircraft hangars. An east-west oriented paved runway separates the subdivision into north and south halves with double rows of lots in each half.  The southern lots are accessed from 27th Avenue by Ceton Drive, and the northern half by Avion Way.  Each lot has access to the runway via paved taxiways.  A Google Earth™ satellite photo of the subdivision is located under the Photo Gallery page, and  copies of official plat and special use permit documents recorded with Maricopa County can be found on the Hangar Haciendas Homeowners Association page of this website.

Invited pilot guests wishing to land their aircraft at Hangar Haciendas are always welcome, but must first be sponsored by a subdivision lot owner.  Prior to arrival, sponsored guest pilots are required to become familiar with airpark ground and flight operations information on the Airpark Ground & Flight Operations page of this website, and must file a Hold Harmless Agreement with the Hangar Haciendas Homeowners Association.  The Hold Harmless Agreement form also contains submission instructions and is available on the Airpark Ground & Flight Operations page for convenient downloading. 

An active homeowners association, the Hangar Haciendas Homeowners Association (HHHA), oversees the administration of the community’s bylaws through elected officers and regularly scheduled meetings.  The HHHA seeks to maintain “good neighbor” relations with surrounding residential subdivisions through a range of outreach initiatives that include hosting an annual BBQ social event for all neighboring subdivisions that border hangar Haciendas; by scheduled roadside cleanup activity on 27the Avenue under the “Adopt a Highway” program; and though actively pursued “Fly Neighborly” flight operations procedures that seek to minimize aircraft noise impact while maximizing safety for adjoining residential areas.

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