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Version March 28, 2023 Please note this agreement can be downloaded as printable PDF file in Flight Operations -Download Documents




Your request for authorization to fly into or out of Hangar Haciendas Airpark will be provided only after you have completed, signed and returned this “Hold Harmless Agreement”, and will expire on the subsequent April 1 of each year.


Hangar Haciendas Airpark (AZ90) is a private subdivision development with 39 residential lots. The subdivision has a 2436-ft asphalt paved runway, with each lot accessed from the runway by a dedicated taxiway. Hangar Haciendas Airpark is located at coordinates N33° 20’ 59.40” W112°07’ 24.39” on the PXR 224° radial at 9.0 DME. Airpark elevation is nominally 1200 ft MSL at midfield. The airpark is positioned underneath the 3000 ft MSL floor of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Class B airspace, and is depicted on the Phoenix Terminal Area Chart, but not on the Phoenix Sectional Chart. The adjacent terrain slopes upward to the south with South Mountain Park mountains rising steeply to an elevation of 4500 ft MSL within one mile south of the airpark. To the west of the airpark, about one mile on runway centerline, is another mountain ridge rising to approximately 1700 ft MSL. Strong and gusty winds from any direction are common due to terrain effects. When Phoenix area prevailing surface winds exceed 10 knots it is strongly recommended to use an alternate airport. Windsocks are located on the south side of the runway at approximately midfield and near the west end of the runway. Surface weather information for the area can be obtained from Phoenix Sky Harbor ATIS (127.57) or Goodyear ATIS (118.35).

Runway alignment is 08-26. The runway has centerline marking and runway numbers marked at each approach end. Runway 26 has a marked displaced threshold. Traffic pattern altitudes are 2500 ft MSL for upwind entry, and 2000 ft for downwind with left traffic for Runway 08 and right traffic for Runway 26.

Runway 08 is the preferred landing runway with a threshold elevation of 1180 ft MSL, rising with a 2% slope to the east for the first 1400 ft. A 330-ft long by75-ft wide gravel clear area precedes the threshold of Runway 08. The first 730 ft of Runway 08’s asphalt surface is approximately 35 ft wide after which it crosses a bridge and narrows to 25-ft width. The bridge has a single-wheel load capacity of 10,000 lbs over the asphalt center section, and concrete beam side extensions have a single-wheel load capacity of 600 lbs. The landing area, including the gravel runway shoulders has a minimum width of 75 ft, with large Saguaro cactus, trees, brush, fences, and structures immediately outside the landing area. Twenty-five ft off the departure end, and on the extended centerline of Runway 08 is a large tree. Immediately beyond, along 27th Avenue, are 30-ft high electric utility and telephone poles, residential structures and gradually rising terrain. Runway 26 is the preferred takeoff runway to take advantage of its downward sloping gradient, and the downward sloping terrain and absence of obstructions immediately off the west departure end. Pre-takeoff engine run-ups should be accomplished facing opposite the direction of takeoff, on runway centerline, near the position where takeoff roll will begin to direct high power prop wash down the runway and away from residential properties. Turn around areas are located at the approach end of Runway 26. Hangar Haciendas pilots practice noise friendly flying procedures to minimize impact on surrounding neighbors. A file of arrival and departure route and traffic pattern diagrams are available on the website for reference. After takeoff on Runway 26, when past the departure end of the runway and safely airborne, make a 50° right turn to heading 310°, reduce power to climb settings when safe to do so, and climb at Vy to 2500 ft MSL. Intercept west or east departure routes, as appropriate, in accordance with the departure route diagrams shown on the website.  Sinilarly, when necessary to takeoff on Runway 08, turn left 10° when safely airborne, reduce power to climb power when safe to do so and climb at Vy to 2599 ft MSL and intercept east or west departure routes.





The following additional cautions, restrictions and limitations are in effect at Hangar Haciendas Airpark:


  • Daylight operations only. Night operations prohibited, i.e., between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight, as published in the Air Almanac, converted to local time.

  • No touch and go landings.

  • Limited parking available at area adjacent to approach end of Runway 26 with permission of property owners(s).

  • No fuel or services available.

  • While vehicles, pedestrians, pets, wildlife and horses are not authorized to be on the runway, it is impossible to enforce this restriction. Be particularly alert for any of these on or near the runway.

  • Viewing of the full runway length from opposing ends of the runway while on the surface is obstructed by the full-length variations in runway slope.

  • Alert monitoring and repetitive radio communications of position and intentions on Hangar Haciendas CTAF 122.9 when at least 3 miles out on arrival routes; upwind, downwind and on final in the traffic pattern; prior to and during ground taxi; and prior to takeoff are essential to avoiding collision mishaps.

  • The daytime use of landing lights and strobes in the traffic pattern is encouraged.


Under no circumstances will the Hangar Haciendas Homeowners Association or any of the property owners be responsible for any damage whatsoever, or for any reason, to your aircraft, damage caused by you or your actions, or for injury to any person either onboard your aircraft or on the ground. Authorization to land at Hangar Haciendas Airpark may be granted only if you assume the entire responsibility and consequences of such use and authorization may be revoked at any time. Your authorization is valid only if your aircraft has a valid liability insurance policy in effect during operations at Hangar Haciendas Airpark. If you are not willing to assume this responsibility, permission for landing is not granted and you are prohibited from any aircraft operations at Hangar Haciendas Airpark.

Please complete the lower portion of this “Hold Harmless Agreement” acknowledging that you have read and understand its contents. Scan and email a signed copy to Tom Macdonald at and contact at 480-527-4993 to verify.



Printed Name _________________________________________________________________________


Aircraft N# ________________ Insurance Carrier ____________________________________________


Color and Type of Aircraft _______________________________________________________________


Name of Host Resident  _________________________________________________________________


Signature  ____________________________________________________________________________


Date  ________________________________________________________________________________

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